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Meet2Talk is relevant for all employees and spouses/partners who are living in a foreign country, if you are about to move abroad or if you want to help others by sharing your own valuable local knowledge. Meet2Talk is a purpose-built, safe and ad-free environment for internationals sharing the same challenges. We advise that you use this platform to share your knowledge and receive helpful advice from others.

You can find more info on Umbrella - Meet2Talk (for MFA employees only)


Dear partners of staff in the MFA,

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) would like to strike a blow for mobility. For the wish to venture into the world and make a difference. Unfortunately, we are seeing a decline in mobility. It is a huge challenge. The Foreign Service – our approx. 100 Missions abroad – that is basically our raison d’être. Therefore, it is crucial for us to place focus on this issue. It is something to which we attach great importance in the Senior Management of the MFA.

There may be many reasons for declining mobility. In the first instance, we will focus on the conditions for partners and families. We must become better at seeing the posting abroad of an MFA staff member as the posting abroad of the whole family. 

We already have an array of services targeted at you. But more initiatives are in the pipeline:

* We wish to look into why mobility is on the decline. And we wish to ask the advice of you as partners of MFA staff. Please give praise and criticism, but most of all we would like to receive good ideas as to how we can assist you in the best possible manner. For this purpose we will conduct a mini questionnaire survey with Ennova contacting a number of partners – both those who have accompanied MFA staff abroad and those who have stayed at home.

* We will launch a new website – PartnerMFA – where you as partners will have easier access to pre-departure information, information during your posting abroad and information relating to the return from a posting.

* We wish to strengthen the advice we offer you as partners about to go abroad by placing focus on culture and career opportunities in an international context. And when you are to return from abroad, we will place focus on re-entry on the Danish labour market. For this purpose, we will enter into agreements with a number of competent and experienced external coaches.

* In collaboration with our Embassies, we will intensify the effort to create a better framework for you as partners locally – more local work permits, job banks across Nordic/EU Embassies, agreements with local recruitment agencies that can advise on networks and career opportunities locally, better information about family life on the post (good international schools, childcare facilities, leisure time activities, and the like), etc.   

We look forward to becoming wiser and – within the framework at our disposal – to targeting our effort for the benefit of mobility. I wish to thank you in advance for collaborating with us on this.

Best regards
Lone Dencker Wisborg
State Secretary for Foreign Policy, member of the Senior Management of the MFA